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Mar 4, 2013 10:00pm PST
are being asked about the rights of seniors in these facilities. julie watts takes a look how the laws protect residents and employees. >> is she breathing? >> barely. >> they are talking about an 87- year-old woman dying inside this bakersfield retirement home. when a 911 dispatcher tells the nurse on the line to start cpr she refuses. >> yeah, we can't. >> hand the phone to a passer by. anybody there can do cpr give them the phone please. this woman is not breathing enough she is going to die if we don't get that started. >> by the time help arrived it was too late. >> outrageous. unconscionable. >> it is not illegal. while there are laws that require assisted living and retirement home staff to follow do not resuscitate orders. >> there is nothing in our regulation, nothing in the law that says if i don't have one of those you have to resuscitate. >> the elderly woman in this case did not have a dnr. we reached out to 11 local retirement and assisted living facilities, while most as sured us they do resuscitate, at least five say, staff perform cpr when directed. >> iit was the gard
Mar 2, 2013 10:00pm PST
for a change if state law. >> hopefully the end result is that it actually does pass and get signed and it won't happen again to anybody else. i think it should be calls tanner's law. >> if it passes it would go into effect next january. all right. >>> roberta is joining us now. a little bit of everything this weekend. >> you've absolutely right. from the records high temperatures we've been experiencing to cooler conditions and now a chance of rain back in the forecast that you're asking? will the weather be fair? hmm. hmm. okay. on cue there. >> look at this. >> it's so -- so up fair. in oakland off of 880 annual event a couple of bucks for admission we'll be moving on to randy college next. but it will still be open tomorrow for all of your enjoyment. rain or shine. we have this looks really ominous doesn't it? it's kind of deceiving because it's actually verga, it's rain that's evaporating and the very dry air mass wedy have a little bit of -- we did have a little bit of a light sprinkle occurring in santa rosa. but this is live hi-def doppler radar and they are dissipated. we'll keep the
Mar 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
laden left behind will be in federal court in new york tomorrow. it's bin laden's son-in-law. he is facing terrorism charges. cbs reporter, bob orr, on the arrest that is being called another victory for the obama administration. >> sulaiman abu ghaith was a chief spokesman for al-qaeda, a leading propaganda in the months surrounding 9/11. on september 12, one day after the attacks, abu appeared next to bin laden in this video, warning america to brace for followup blows from the terror group. but one the u.s. military lost its war in afghanistan late 2001, abu ghaith dropped out of sight. counterterrorism officials say a handful of other fugitives fled to iran where they spent several years under house arrest. he resurfaced last month in turkey. u.s. intelligence was tipped off and sources say abu ghaith was arrested last thursday, february 28, and secretly flown to new york. on monday, a federal grand jury in new york indicted abu ghaith on a conspiracy to kill united states nationals. the capture extends the rates of a depleted al-qaeda. only a few top remain. among them are
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3